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About Jason McDonald

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Address: 1230 Market Street #709
San Francisco, CA 94102
Tel. 415-655-1075

I teach Search Engine Optimization (SEO), AdWords / Pay-per-click Advertising and Social Media online for the JM Internet Group and in the San Francisco Bay Area, for AcademyX. Beyond those specifics, I also teach marketing and advertising for DeVry University in Fremont, California, and am an active editor at eg3.com, the hi-tech publisher of embedded systems information I co-founded in 1995. So I am active geographically in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, San Jose and around the San Francisco Bay Area with specialities in SEO, AdWords / PPC, and Social Media consulting.

Use this page to find out more about me, but don't forget to reach out and email or call if you have any questions. I am happy to help!

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